GTA III for mobile devices

So since GTA III Released for mobile devices today, I was wondering if anyone has looked into modding this one yet? I’ve played the first 2 missions and got to say the touch screen controls suck less then I thought (they still suck). I might have a look at the game files later this week.

Site is up again

Not much has changed since I went offline. I am still busy with college and I am hoping to finish somewhere in June. Meanwhile I am working on CBC Reloaded (An improved version of Crazy Bumper Cars). I’ll post some screens or a vid when it’s done.

If you’ve got any suggestions for my blog do tell, cause I am not sure what to blog about.


GTA Eemnes got revived. We’ve got a team of 9 members now which are modeling pretty fast!

Also we’ve put some thought in an awesome storyline and missions! Prepare yourself for some new screens and maybe even a short movie, with some mission scripting, soon 😉

Meanwhile I am also really busy in college. I am working on my own 3D game. Which looks horrible at the moment as I am not good at modeling at all 😛 Some screens will come soon.

Happy new year 2011!

It’s the last day of the year already. This year went by pretty fast. It’s been a busy year in which I’ve released a few tools. Exactly a year ago I released Shadow-Mapper 0.1 and ofcourse I’ve also released Shadows-Plugins, the very first max importer/exporter for IV files.

What would you like to see for next year? A help area where I’ll help people out with IV modding problems? Improved tools from me and the Russians? Let me know what you would like to see on my website in the comming year.

Happy new year!