Shadow-Mapper is a 3D map editor for GTA IV.
Shadow-Mapper x86 (1591)
Shadow-Mapper x64 (2312)
Shadow-Mapper batch file pack (1769)

A tool to convert DFF files to WDR files. It's not perfect but it was the first of it's kind and back then the only way to create custom IV models.
Download (3587)

Shadow's Plugin
The first IV Exporter for 3DS Max. Before this tool there was no way to create custom models directly from 3DS Max. It contains features to export WDR and WBD files.
Download (10864)

WDR Analyze
My very first tool that reads file formats. You can open original IV WDR files and get a more detailed look into the file format. I made it so that it looks a bit like RWAnalyze (My favorite pre IV tool).
Download (2933)

Cleaned Scripts.img
A cleaned scripts.img for GTA IV version 1.0 and
Download (1861)

Sketchup IV Exporter
IV Exporter for sketchup. Will allow you to export ODR, OBD, WPL and IDE files straight from sketchup.
Download (2290)

Sketchup IV Tutorial scene
The scene that's used in the sketchup export tutorial.
Download (1622)

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    1. ok realized had to install java cryptography extension. now it worked, but as I select the gta4.exe and clicked select, the loader stopped at

      39% pc/anim/cutsprops1

      how can I fix this?

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