Shadow-Mapper is a 3D map editor for GTA IV.
Shadow-Mapper x86 (1648 downloads)
Shadow-Mapper x64 (2442 downloads)
Shadow-Mapper batch file pack (1838 downloads)

3DS-Max exporter
GTA IV model export plugin for 3DS-Max
Shadow's Plugin (10980 downloads)

Sketchup IV
GTA IV model export plugin for Sketchup.
Sketchup IV Exporter (2356 downloads)
Sketchup IV Tutorial scene (1707 downloads)

DFF2WDR (3661 downloads)
WDR Analyze (2977 downloads)
Cleaned Scripts.img (1909 downloads)

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    1. ok realized had to install java cryptography extension. now it worked, but as I select the gta4.exe and clicked select, the loader stopped at

      39% pc/anim/cutsprops1

      how can I fix this?

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