Shadow Mapper


Current version: 0.1b Beta
Date: 05.01.2010
Download x86: [Download not found]
Download x64: [Download not found]
If a version doesnt work try the other one.

You can post Comments/Requests/Bug Reports/etc in this topic!

NOTE: This is a public beta, and as such it is crucial that you backup all files that you are going to edit with Shadow Mapper! I wont be held responsible for any loss of files that may result due to use of Shadow Mapper.

- You need to have Java installed
- You need Java(TM) Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 6, you can download this from:
- Version 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, 1.0.4, of GTAIV.exe

- Download Java(TM) Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 6 (Read Requirements)
- Copy the local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar to the “Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\security” folder (default)
- Go to your GTA IV folder and make sure “read only” is ticked off
- You can now start Shadow-Mapper.exe
- The select install screen will show up
- Click “Add Install” to add the IV installation you want to mod
- Now browse to your IV folder you want to mod and select the GTAIV.exe
- Give it a name
- Select it and click “Select”
- You can now edit the map

Known issues
- ZModeler models dont show up
- Selecting water doesnt work properly sometimes
- Selecting cars doesnt work properly sometimes
- No collisions
- Resizing the window doesnt work so dont do it
- Some DXT5 rendering issues
- Alpha rendering issues

Version 0.1b
-Added two previewable types to the Resource Manager
-Added error message when JCE is not installed
-Rendering should work a little better
Version 0.1a
-Initial beta release

A very special thanks to (in alphabetical order):
Aru, Cool Fire, DeXx, Gforce, JostVice, Paroxum, REspawn, supermortalhuman, Tim (and everyone I forgot)
who have been invaluable in the research of game code/file formats which made this program possible.

This program is provided “as-is” without any implied warranty or support.
Use of modified files during online play may result in being banned.
Use at your own risk!

Please dont reupload this to your website. Link to this forum topic or my website instead. This tool is still a WIP and there are many many more updates/fixes to come.


  • DesTiny says:

    i wait for shadow maper 2.0 beacose i have GTA IV 1.0.7 :((((

  • Hans-Wurst says:

    Are you still working on this Projekt?

  • joss says:

    hey vriend ik heb just shadowmapper geinstalleerd en de java extension gekopieerd maar wanneer ik op shadowmapper druk gebeurt er niks
    abtwoord me aub danku

  • joss says:

    ok vriend ,
    nog 2 twee kleine vraagjes misschien instaleerd ik het mis

    Copy the local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar to the “Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\security” folder (default)
    —–>moet ik die files vervangen of niet


    Go to your GTA IV folder and make sure “read only” is ticked off

    moet de read only geselekteerd zijn of niet????

    antwoord aub

  • joss says:

    thx vriend,
    probleem met importing in openiv
    wanneerik een wdr file wil toevoegen krijgik die error

    Time: “19:39:15″
    Type: “EFOpenError”
    Message: “Cannot open file “c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto iv\pc\data\maps\manhat\manhat05.img”. Accès refusé”

    Additional information:
    Address: “0x0042643B”
    Procedure: “Classes.TFileStream.Create”
    Unit: “”, Line: “0″

    [00426436] Classes.TFileStream.Create + $11E
    [004262F4] Classes.TFileStream.Create + $20
    [004CAE6B] Rage.Archive.TRageArchive.CreateStream (Line 143, “..\..\..\..\Common Units\Rage\Archive\Rage.Archive.pas” + 4) + $C
    [004CCB56] Rage.Archive.IMG3.TIMGArchive.edit_ForceFiles (Line 508, “..\..\..\..\Common Units\Rage\Archive\Rage.Archive.IMG3.pas” + 2) + $7
    [005C16AB] CoreUnit.TCore.AddFiles (Line 599, “System\CoreUnit.pas” + 9) + $E
    [005A52BF] DialogsModuleUnit.TActionsModule.actAddExecute (Line 552, “Windows\DialogsModuleUnit.pas” + 3) + $1A
    [0049D2B8] Controls.TControl.Perform + $24
    [004A1527] Controls.TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg + $97
    [0047D4F4] ComCtrls.TToolBar.WndProc + $244
    [004A12B0] Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc + $2C
    [0042E094] Classes.StdWndProc + $14

    een oplossing??

  • joss says:

    sorry voor weer te storen maar mijn shadowmapper werk ni meer
    ik start de programma , voeg mijn install , druk op select en gebeurt er niks ,
    de programma start ni meer zelf met de .bat en offset13 = 0xBE7540
    name13 =
    ik werk op windows 7 in 64
    een anrwoord aub de programma heeft gewerkt dus is er zeker een antwoord
    danku ;)

  • momoseport says:

    Hey man, I have an question, I can select my GTA IV etc, but if it loaded to the finish and than shadow mapper want to start, I get an error “JAVA(TM) PLATFORM SE binary has stopped working” I dont know why, can you help me. THX By the way, on wich server you host your website, on a free one or your self one ?

  • Karl says:

    is there any way to working sm at THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY version so i couldnt start the program becuse there is no any GTAIV.exe to select and start the application
    may be you want to know i just installed EFLC pack just contains LOST AND DAMNED and THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY there is no named GTA4.exe to start it any solution pls


  • Laurens says:

    Ik vindt dat je tot op heden perfect werk heb geleverd better dan ik of iemand anders tot op heden had kunnen doen ( anders hadden ze het wel gedaan )

    vindt het erg jammer dat je dit nu zelf niet meer ondersteund.
    Dat je dit nu dus overlaat aan derden.

    want het nadeel daarvan is dat het nooit jouw flair of kwaliteits eisen krijgt.

    Hoewel SM voor mij redelijk werkt :P is er plaast voor verbetering hoewel ik nog wel eens wil benadrukken dat je echt netjes werk heb geleverd

    ok kan ik goed begrijpen waarom dit alles nu zo gaat

    Je Bouwt iets op met moeite en tijd voooral veel tijd en vervolgens is het voor de mensen nooit goed genoeg.
    praat me er niet van.

    Maar wat ik probeer te zeggen is ga vooral zo door doe wat voor jouw goed voelt laat je vooral niet opnaaien.
    hoop dat er ooit nog een revolutie in shadow mapper komt zoals shadow mapper zelf ooit was

  • Sandro says:

    He, Ben je nog bezig met shadow mapper V2 ?? Want die zou tog ook op EFLC werken ??

  • jeff says:

    hello prince , I just import a model with your tool all goes well but when I whant to close and save, when I click on the save button nothing happens
    What should I do to save the map???
    pls reply
    sorry for my google-english

  • jeff says:

    thx for reply
    I try to add a new model to liberty img
    where can i send you a screenshot of the cmd error maybe can that help you

  • Josh says:

    Hey where can I get the latest Shadow Mapper? Says download not found :/

  • jeff says:


  • anon says:

    hey shaddow i know this has probly been asked b4 but i have not yet found the answer or seen a reply. does SM work on windows 7? I can run your program and load the relevant files but once loaded the screen goes dark grey and no images render. Any ideas would be greatfull. also could you provide a link to x86 + x64 please the link on this page is not found. THANK YOU!!!

  • v12-MoToRs says:

    does this work for EFLC too?

  • Mr. Fiiish says:

    Hey, I saw you quit- well, I guess it’s sad but we all need a break sometimes, eh? Just wondering if you can help me get it running- I’m on windows 7 32Bit. I’ve installed the policy files, got java, read the readme and all that jazz, but it won’t run. I run Startmenu.bat, press ’4′ for 1024mb mode, select my GTA IV installation that’s not read-only, but all I get is alot of text in the command line window, I think I posted the result in the Shadow Mapper thread. I’m a wee bit unsure how to solve this, and I’d quite like some help on setting it up. But hey man, if you’re busy, don’t worry about it. Thanks in advance,

  • This mod is awesome! BUT, I have EFLC (my original GTA disc was lost).

    How can I make this work for EFLC? Your program wants me to select the GTAIV.exe file, but my file is EFLC.exe or something like that…

    In this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\EFLC

    I really want to edit the map! Are you still working on this… or??? You are the only person in the world who has a map editor for GTA IV!


  • gamer2010 says:

    hey!so you teamed up with developers of openIV?
    I heard they working on some new mapper?is it true?

  • GTA_4_MAN says:

    Hi! Help me plz=). How can i rotate the object? Its move only at X Y Z,((

  • Sandro says:

    Hey, ben je nog bezig met shaddow mapper v2 ? want ik heb gta eflc ik hoop dat je nog bezig bent zo niet dan heb ik pech :( .

  • Laci says:

    WTF??? canceled? i wan a download!-if not here to download,where iam download this?

  • Nadine says:

    Wtff …. you canceled the project ? your arent gonna update this tool again ?? why ? please ,, explain …

  • Nadine says:

    oh bad to hear that :( does this version will do all the job to make my own map total conversion for gta4 ? or it lacks some stuff?

  • Colo says:

    hi all, i will to edit my gta iv map, but i put select and nothig appear :l help me T_T

  • LostProphet says:

    I was just wondering, since you aren’t working on this anymore, if you still have the source code, could you release it? I’d love to see how you do everything, and possibly update it :) (not release it, unless you allow it).

  • P2FX says:

    Maybe you can release the source code so the community can keep pushing it up. :smile:

  • Nissanevo says:

    Hey, where is this bat file, i saw it on the gta forums but couldnt download it, could someone possibly upload it again or just post the contents of it on this page?

  • wrts says:


  • Bruno M.C says:

    Hello….Where can I download the shadow mapper :?: :?: :?:

  • sd says:

    where is download link?help me please. :cry:

  • CL says:

    What can we do to convince you to go forward with this? It’s hard to lay out a map in 3dsmax properly with objects that need to be moved around and everything! A proper editor would be amazing and I know many people would appreciate it if you came back to finishing what is truly a gem to modding.

    Thanks :D

  • maor says:

    shadow mapper loading freezes at 40% i have gta iv what can i do?

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