Vice IV

It’s been a while since my last post. In the mean time I’ve released version 0.2.4 of Shadow’s Plugin also I want to let you guys know I am working on a new total conversion mod together with GTARandom. It’s called Vice IV, which as you might have guessed, put’s the Vice City map into GTA IV. More info about this mod can be found at GTAForums and the project page on my website.

Shadows Plugins 0.2.2

I’ve released yet another update for Shadow’s Plugins! Why is this release so special that I dedicate a post for it?

It’s because this version contains WBD export! It’s the WBD exporter I’ve used in the movie I’ve posted earlier. So head over to the download section and put your custom models ingame again, but this time WITH collisions!

Other updates that are included in this version:

  • Added support for gta_spec shader
  • Made adding support for shaders a lot easier