Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy new year 2011!

It’s the last day of the year already. This year went by pretty fast. It’s been a busy year in which I’ve released a few tools. Exactly a year ago I released Shadow-Mapper 0.1 and ofcourse I’ve also released Shadows-Plugins, the very first max importer/exporter for IV files.

What would you like to see for next year? A help area where I’ll help people out with IV modding problems? Improved tools from me and the Russians? Let me know what you would like to see on my website in the comming year.

Happy new year!


Merry Christmas!

Tonight it’s christmas night, so I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you’ll get lots of presents and get together with your family and friends (we should be able to life without IV Modding for atleast a day, right?).

This could be seen as a little Christmas present, I’ve joined the russian modding team! I hope together we can make some awesome tools to get this game fully moddable.

Again have a nice Christmas,



No more IV-Modding

Since IV Modding has been taken over by the Russians. I am not gonna spend anymore time on it. The last 2 years have been a great learning experience but I don’t feel like working on something that others are working on too.

Not sure what my next goals will be.. I will spend more time on school 🙂 and maybe get more active with the Grit Game engine or another project Game related 🙂


Projects News

I really need to post more often. So what have I been upto lately?

I’ve been working a lot on Vice IV and optimizing my plugin collision exporter for this.

Also I’ve been working on a new version of Shadow Mapper. It’s not much at this stage but it can render wdr/dff files and a lot of coding has been done that can’t be seen, like IPL, IDE and GTA.dat loading. I’ll upload some screenshots when it renders a IV Map properly!

Hope that was enough info to keep you satisfied for a while 🙂