Opensourcing my IV projects

The end of IV has come, last week GTA V finally arrived. Research on the formats used in V has already begun and a lot of people are already working on small tools. Because I’ve not been very active in the modding scene I would like to contribute in a different way to the modding community…

I am going to Open Source my IV modding tools, starting with Shadow-Mapper (code is pretty bad so be warned). The code can be read, run, improved and learned from by everyone. A lot of the V file formats will probably be familiar to the files used in IV. So some code might still be useful. Next to that I will also improve some of the current projects or try to implement GTA V support into them. The source can be found on my GitHub account. I am still trying to get the code to build again so keep this in mind.

If there is any particular project of mine you would like to see on GitHub just let me know and I will upload it.

Projects News

I really need to post more often. So what have I been upto lately?

I’ve been working a lot on Vice IV and optimizing my plugin collision exporter for this.

Also I’ve been working on a new version of Shadow Mapper. It’s not much at this stage but it can render wdr/dff files and a lot of coding has been done that can’t be seen, like IPL, IDE and GTA.dat loading. I’ll upload some screenshots when it renders a IV Map properly!

Hope that was enough info to keep you satisfied for a while 🙂

First test is almost done!

The first test of Shadow-Mapper 0.2 is almost done! It will test the IMG dll I wrote. The program will be an IMG editor like SparkIV/OpenIV. With add/remove/rebuild features.

Keep an eye on this page.

Shadow Mapper continues..

Thnx for the votes. I”ve decided to continue development of Shadow-Mapper! I will do it a little bit different this time tho. I am going to release tests as I want to know what is working for everyone if they need to install anything, fps that kind of stuff. Don’t want the annoying java trouble you all had to go through before you could even start this program. You will not be able to map mod with those tests, maybe you won’t even be able to see anything usefull!

First tests will be soon!