Projects News

I really need to post more often. So what have I been upto lately?

I’ve been working a lot on Vice IV and optimizing my plugin collision exporter for this.

Also I’ve been working on a new version of Shadow Mapper. It’s not much at this stage but it can render wdr/dff files and a lot of coding has been done that can’t be seen, like IPL, IDE and GTA.dat loading. I’ll upload some screenshots when it renders a IV Map properly!

Hope that was enough info to keep you satisfied for a while 🙂

Custom GTA IV Collision!

Been spending some time on GTA IV’s collision files again. Finally got some fine results with the most used col type! I’ve made a little movie to show everyone it’s real 😉

Little update

It’s been a week since I released the first version (0.1.0) of Shadow’s Plugin. I’ve released four bug fixes since then. At this moment I can say that the import function is pretty stable.

Here is a screen from City_Poke912 to show what the script is capable of!


The first export test (0.2.0) will be released somewhere next week! You’ll be able to export WDR files with it.

On another note, I’ve been making some awesome progress on the most used collision type for buildings.

Shadow’s Plugin Release!

Finally after having to postpone the release a lot I came to the conclusion to just release it and life with the current bugs.

Now everyone can atleast enjoy my scripts and I will not be stressed to release it!

What’s in the download package?

  • SL_Model.dll
  • SL_Utils.dll
  • SL_Common.dll
  • SL_IV.dll
  • Nini.dll
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
  • ShadowScript.mse
  • hashes.ini
  • Readme.txt

What will you be able to do?

  • Import WDR, WDD, WBD and WBN files.
  • Export WDR files.

I am sorry for all the people that are waiting for the other export functions. I’ll be working on those for the next couple of days and release them asap. If you find any bugs in this script. You are free to add me on MSN, send me an email or join me on GTAnets irc.

For now head over to the project page and get ready to finally get some proper models ingame!