OBD and ODD export support available in Sketchup2IV

I’ve added OBD and ODD export support in version 0.3.0 of Sketchup2IV. New version can be downloaded here.

To export OBD and ODD files select 2 or more components in your Sketchup scene, right click and select Export OBD/ODD. 

Sketchup2IV 0.2.0 Released!

After more than 5 years I’ve released a new version of the Sketchup2IV plugin. The plugin now supports Sketchup 2017 and can be installed using the Sketchup extension manager.

More features will be added and feature requests are always welcome! Plans and development can be followed at  GitHub.

DK2 and 2 more projects available on GitHub

Just got back from my holiday to the Dominican Republic. It was awesome and I’d like to go back there some day! When I got back there was a nice surprise waiting for me, just a couple of hours after I landed the Oculus Rift DK2 got available fro pre-order. I immediately pre-ordered and I am now playing the waiting game again!

There where a couple of requests to open source 2 more projects. I feel ashamed to put the source up (it’s that bad), but maybe someone will learn something from it. You can now find the source of my sco (de)compiler and the source of my Sketchup OpenIV Exporter on GitHub. I hope someone will find it interesting and can learn something from it.

Opensourcing my IV projects

The end of IV has come, last week GTA V finally arrived. Research on the formats used in V has already begun and a lot of people are already working on small tools. Because I’ve not been very active in the modding scene I would like to contribute in a different way to the modding community…

I am going to Open Source my IV modding tools, starting with Shadow-Mapper (code is pretty bad so be warned). The code can be read, run, improved and learned from by everyone. A lot of the V file formats will probably be familiar to the files used in IV. So some code might still be useful. Next to that I will also improve some of the current projects or try to implement GTA V support into them. The source can be found on my GitHub account. I am still trying to get the code to build again so keep this in mind.

If there is any particular project of mine you would like to see on GitHub just let me know and I will upload it.