Crazy Bumper Cars

I’ve been busy on a game for college for a couple of months now. After 5 months of development it’s finally done! Everything was made by our team that exists of 2 programmers and 3 designers. We used the XNA framework. So it runs on both the PC and Xbox 360.

It’s called Crazy Bumper Cars (CBC) and it is a mix between Mario kart and Monkey Ball.
You can check out the progress blog here (Projects -> School -> Crazy Bumper Cars) if you’re interested!

Game Jam Results!

Today was the deadline of the GameJam! People really enjoyed our game “Kings Shadows”, because of that we won the most popular game award and became second in the competition! This is pretty good as there where lots of good games. A download of “Kings Shadows” will be available soon.

Game Jam and more

It’s been a couple of busy weeks lately. After a nice holiday (2 weeks ago I went skiing in Austria) I started my Game Technology Minor.

After one day it was clear it wouldn’t be an easy couple of months and I wouldn’t have any time to work on anything GTA related.

Game Jam

This week the Game Jam started. The Game Jam is a project where you’ve got to create a fully working game within 5 days. The theme of this years Game Jam is “Casual”. You can follow the progress of this game on it’s project page.

Indiviual Game

We also got to create a game indiviually. This means I’ve got code and design it. We’ve got a total of 5 or 6 weeks for this project. Not much progress has been made for this project but it will make a lot of progress next week as the Game Jam is over. This game can be followed on it’s project page.

Team Game

The team game will be a full game, made in a team of 6 persons (Same team as the Game Jam project) and will take 5 months to finish. No project page has been made for this yet. I’ll make a new post when it’s up 🙂

School projects

I’ve added a submenu in the projects menu that will show you the most interesting projects I did at school.

So head over to see those projects, as they might be interesting for you. I’ll add the source for the projects too, so you can try them out yourself.