Game Jam and more

It’s been a couple of busy weeks lately. After a nice holiday (2 weeks ago I went skiing in Austria) I started my Game Technology Minor.

After one day it was clear it wouldn’t be an easy couple of months and I wouldn’t have any time to work on anything GTA related.

Game Jam

This week the Game Jam started. The Game Jam is a project where you’ve got to create a fully working game within 5 days. The theme of this years Game Jam is “Casual”. You can follow the progress of this game on it’s project page.

Indiviual Game

We also got to create a game indiviually. This means I’ve got code and design it. We’ve got a total of 5 or 6 weeks for this project. Not much progress has been made for this project but it will make a lot of progress next week as the Game Jam is over. This game can be followed on it’s project page.

Team Game

The team game will be a full game, made in a team of 6 persons (Same team as the Game Jam project) and will take 5 months to finish. No project page has been made for this yet. I’ll make a new post when it’s up 🙂

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