GTA Eemnes got revived. We’ve got a team of 9 members now which are modeling pretty fast!

Also we’ve put some thought in an awesome storyline and missions! Prepare yourself for some new screens and maybe even a short movie, with some mission scripting, soon 😉

Meanwhile I am also really busy in college. I am working on my own 3D game. Which looks horrible at the moment as I am not good at modeling at all 😛 Some screens will come soon.

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  1. why we love shadow mapper pleaseeee update ittt please please please because its soooo cool and important just on this plzzplzplzpzlzlz

  2. het is dat ik eemnes niet ken anders zou ik graag helpen

  3. shadow where are you gone. is there any news on your projects?

  4. nou mijn intresse heb je zeker, wellicht dat ik ook wel weer eens ga map modden en gebouwen maken.

  5. netjes hoor zie het graag tegemoet

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