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  1. Hello Shadow-link, good morning/evening. I recently found out that you were behind the spectacular Green Screen mod for GTA IV, which was recorded in a video by ‘quechus13’ on his Youtube channel a long time ago.

    I’m writing to consult you about a similar mod that I haven’t been able to find yet. It would the same big Green Screen room but for EFLC (for TBOGT if possible), since my future machinimas will require special video effects with Luis Lopez performing on a chroma place.

    I tried to install the mod in the appropiate EFLC files directories, but so far it hasn’t worked, the place does not show up next to the Statue of Happiness.
    If you have time enough, or if you can spare some of your time if possible, could you please build up a green screen place for The Ballad of Gay Tony? I’d be absolutely grateful if you could do it.

    I don’t know if you still manage this website, if so, hope you read my message.


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