No more IV-Modding

Since IV Modding has been taken over by the Russians. I am not gonna spend anymore time on it. The last 2 years have been a great learning experience but I don’t feel like working on something that others are working on too.

Not sure what my next goals will be.. I will spend more time on school πŸ™‚ and maybe get more active with the Grit Game engine or another project Game related πŸ™‚



  1. I must say, that I am really tired that I always seen the best Coders go away from Modding. I put all my hope in tools like Shadow Mapper. To show People “Hey GTA IV Modding isn’t dead! It beginns now and it’s real!”

    I’m really sorry about this. Hopes that the Russians treat you good and make a bug free functional Map Editor for GTA IV and mabye Gostown 7 and ViceIV. Maybe we making our TC for GTA San Andreas for GTA IV.

    Nice Greetings


  2. I trusted in you…. we want a map edit.
    Why you donΒ΄t continuous you project? Maybe are not necessary 2 programs for the same function but is very good for your experience like programmer.

    sorry, my english is not very good, iΒ΄m spanish.

  3. the best tools yet released by a single source after scripthook/sparkiv. you should keep it going, i know you can find people to cooperate with. i dont think that russian project can be better and done faster. respect

  4. hey
    bad to hear they don’t wanna work with you. that’s really stupid. you and the team of OpenIV, you could make a editor tool and scriptpack for everything from IV. Maps, Models, Cars, sounds, script (i mean sco) maybe a SDK from RAGE.
    that’s the dream πŸ˜€ but if they don’t want it… i hope they change their minds

  5. what about releasing shadow mapper with the features, bug fixes and bugs you got now? and maybe releasing source for russian map editor developers, or is their map editor progress procressed futher than shadow mapper already?

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