Color Run (Working title)

Color Run is a project I am currently working on. It’s a game that I need to code and design all by myself. We’ve got about 5/6 weeks for this project.

Every possible way to create a game was allowed (yes even Game Maker). So I decided to use XNA, this way I could also develop it on XBox, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

Week 1:

Finish a prototype of your game idea. It wasn’t needed to make it look good or whatever, just show the general idea of the game. As most people are creating 2D platform games I wanted to do something totally different. With original and fun gameplay (especially local multiplayer).

Week 2:

As the Game Jam started, no one needed to work on their game.

Week 3:
We don’t have school this week, but I am planning to do some work on it anyway 🙂

Week 4:

A really basic 3D version is done. Still a lot of work to do. 🙁

Week 5:

The game still looks horrible, but I’ve added enemies, sounds a hud and thought up a basic story for the game 😛 I am currently working on the max scripts to make building maps easier 😉

Week 6:

I hope to have the maps finished, maybe better character models and some intro scenes to tell the story.

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