With Project Railcab we had to create an algoritm to simulate a single train track with multiple small trains (cabs) on it. When a passenger arrives at a station, he should be able to call for a “cab” and it should bring him to any location he wants.


  • Waiting times should be kept to a minimum
  • Cabs can only cross eachother at a station (only one rail between stations)
  • Train Simulation to show the algorithm

We where the only team that created both a  2D and a 3D simulation (I took care of the 3D simulation) and a track builder to build custom tracks.

Railcab Track EditorHere you can see the Track Editor which is also the 2D simulation GUI when you start the algorithm.

The custom tracks could be saved on your HDD and loaded when you want to run it or edit it some more. It was also possible to create different scenarios, so you could test the algoritm on different loads. For example you could make it very crowded from 8:00 till 9:00.

Used techniques

  • Java
  • Jogl library
  • My own dff/3ds model library

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