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I really need to post more often. So what have I been upto lately?

I’ve been working a lot on Vice IV and optimizing my plugin collision exporter for this.

Also I’ve been working on a new version of Shadow Mapper. It’s not much at this stage but it can render wdr/dff files and a lot of coding has been done that can’t be seen, like IPL, IDE and GTA.dat loading. I’ll upload some screenshots when it renders a IV Map properly!

Hope that was enough info to keep you satisfied for a while 🙂

  1. to bad i dont have time to also test out all your nice tools otherwise i would also have tried putting / converting some maps of mine in GTA IV. just keep up the good work.

  2. Nice!
    And you change design on site. Soon happy new year 2011!

  3. Its very cool!i agree with Neptune,please post link to new version!

  4. Very nice! cant wait to test out new collisions 😉

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