SCO Editor

I was tired of waiting for a sco editor so decided to code one myself. It’s very basic but it does the job for now.

What can you do with it? Well you can decompile the current missions and adjust them. OR create your very own missions from scratch. Sounds awesome right?

Oh come on man, now I want it! Sorry, you’ve got to wait a little longer. It’s still in early beta stage and doesn’t decompile every script without problems and doesn’t work with the latest patches.

For now you can download a cleaned script.img for version 1.0 and (I haven’t tested this on new versions so it might work on newer versions) Cleaned Scripts.img (1998 downloads)

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  1. Hope this isn’t dead. 🙂

  2. So? no explanation about the script.img? what the hell does it do? I didn’t see any changes after importing it into the game except ”drunk cam” which I hadn’t seen in years.

  3. OMG thnx YES thats really really great

  4. Shadow good luck in college.

  5. I know it’s not intended but the img also works on the PS3 version of GTAIV (v1.0). It does not work on the newest patch of GTAIV PC because of the changed natives if I recall correctly.

  6. nope there is no news on SM nor will there be comming any.

    Simply because production on this has stopped

    Neither will this be continued the next map editing prog youll se will probaly come from a source like since he is helping them now

  7. Shadow waht you gona release next? and any wes on SM.

  8. so long nooo… but i understand you…

  9. can you give us a Release Date to when you are going to Release it

  10. Hi when you gona release map editor ?

  11. very nice, we can finally lay scripthook to rest and make real missions on any map once its released 😀

    great stuff looking forward to release!

  12. zoals altijd geweldig werk.

    ik hoop dat we nog meer van je te zien krijgen.

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