Sketchup WDR/WBD/WBN/WPL exporter

(3DS Max users should not read this as the word sketchup makes them cry most of the time)

A little while ago I wanted to export some of my sketchup models to IV. I found it to much of a hassle to do the Sketchup -> 3DS Max conversion every time I wanted to export or update something so I decided to quickly write an exporter to improve my workflow. If anyone is interested in it I’ll make it suitable for release and release it.

Current features:
– Export WDR (Really basic)
– Export WBD/WBN
– Export WPL
– Export IDE (WIP)

I know there are a few sketchup modders out there so if you’re interested in this let me know.

Note: Sketchup Pro is not required because it’s a ruby plugin.

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  1. Hi,

    Is there any way to get gta iv wbn files into sketchup to edit?

    I have access to sketchup and zmodler, but no 3ds. I would really like to make a few map mods, but can’t find a way to edit the collision files.

    ANY help would be much appreciated. I’ve been googling for months.


  2. Alright. Thanks for the update. Looking forward for the games you make now 🙂 But about the exporter you were working on. How about you release atleast the non-user friendly Alpha version? 😛 Would be a big step for you and something I have been waiting for soon couple of many months 😛

  3. Do you think you can share some of your models? I have been reading a lot about GTA modding, but what really gets my attention is to create places like those you present on the pictures of the project. I am not asking you to give me a step by step, so maybe if you can share some of the models you have created I can figure something out about how it’s all done. Thanks for sharing Shadow.

  4. Been following you for more than 3 months now and you said you were going to release it month ago D: I got so many things I want to import to IV. But oh well… Been waiting for 3 months, I can sure wait another 3 if I have to 🙂

  5. I’m really interested too in this, iv being using SU for some time now and have being coming up with workflows in SU others believed impossible, iv even come up with ways of creating characters in SU and rigging them in Mixamo, I’m currently looking at using lightup to bake textures and lighting for export to unity3D, please keep me up to date on your plugin as it maybe useful to my workflows also 😀

  6. Your deadline is pretty close 😉 Sad that I won’t get to try it at once you release it. Going away for 3 weeks the 27th this month 😛

  7. amazing for user use sketchup , why not resume working on a map editor ? it’d be great:grin:!

  8. Yo’
    Looking forward to see it released. I’m a Sketchuper myself and the look at 3DS makes my cry… Way toooooooo complicated…
    How’s the porgress now?


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